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Body and Face Sculpting with NuEra Tight

Everyone dreams of a perfect body. But can it be achieved with device treatments? The answer is: Yes! There is already an innovative device-based technology on the market that allows a completely personalized protocol for body sculpting and cellulite reduction procedures, tailored to the anatomical features, age, hydration and skin condition of each individual. This device is innovative, generation 2020, and it is called NuEra Tight. Diyana Aesthetic House is the first beauty center in Sofia that owns such a device and it is certified to perform procedures with NuEra Tight. NuEra Tight is a non-invasive temperature-controlled radio frequency therapy that effectively reduces adipose tissue, minimizes cellulite, tightens skin and smoothens wrinkles. Unlike other face and body treatments, NuEra Tight therapies can be individually tailored for you, with each of the skin layers treated with the appropriate settings and tips.

NuEra Tight smartly adapts to your body and, thanks to its internal mechanisms, provides natural-looking results. It requires no downtime and ensures long-lasting results. The device is completely safe and the procedures with it are pleasant and painless.

NuEra Tight


Individually tailored

The procedure involves heating the skin and subcutaneous fat to different depths. NuEra Tight uses 5 different radio frequencies and multiple tips. This allows tailoring of the procedure according to the individual anatomical features of each patient. As you know, your body is unique.

Suitable for everyone

NuEra Tight treatments are suitable for all skin types. They are suitable for healthy people with local cellulite and local fat deposits, as well as in edematous fibrous sclerous dermopanniculosis, skin atrophy and elastosis, microcirculation and venous insufficiency, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of adipocytes.


NuEra Tight procedures have been studied in clinical trials and were proven to be safe and effective. This technology has been tested in millions of procedures around the world for 10 years. NuEra Tight is the latest generation of radio frequency device that will easily sculpt your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we get asked by our customers.

What the procedure involves?

NuEra Tight personalized technology works to treat body areas where unwanted fat, wrinkles, cellulite and loose skin occur, resulting in a more sculpted, firmer and smoother-looking skin.

NuEra Tight uses FocalRF, next-generation technology, to control treatment depth so that the radio frequency waves can match your unique body needs, treating the dermis layer to stimulate collagen production, or reaching the deeper subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in safe and effective treatments.

Is the therapy suitable for me?

NuEra Tight therapy is suitable for most people. Treatment is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, have active infections or are heat sensitive. Any cuts or piercings must be avoided during treatment. Always consult your treatment provider first, especially if you have a metal implant, such as a pacemaker, or have recently had injectable fillers. The device is intended to provide heating in order to raise tissue temperature in certain medical conditions such as treatment of edematous fibrous sclerous dermopanniculosis, skin atrophy and elastosis, microcirculation and venous insufficiency and hyperplasia and hypertrophy of adipocytes.

What should I expect?

This non-invasive treatment delivers natural-looking results that last longer and it feels like a comfortable hot-stone massage. After the treatment, it is normal to experience temporary slight swelling or redness. Some patients notice improvement after just one treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The most common immediate responses to radio frequency treatment are erythema and edema which may occur immediately after the treatment and typically resolve within a few days. Transient skin pigmentation changes may resolve within a few months but may last longer. The following complications and side effects may also be observed:
– Moderate burning sensation during treatment or following treatment;
– Purpura confined to the exposure area.








NuEra Tight Prices

ZonePrice 1 procedurePackage of 6 proceduresDuration of the procedure
Abdomen350 BGN1750 BGN40 Min
Buttocks350 BGN1750 BGN70 Min
Back thighs350 BGN1750 BGN70 Min
Front thighs350 BGN1750 BGN70 Min
Full thighs (front and back)450 BGN2250 BGN130 Min
Arms300 BGN1500 BGN40 Min
Love handles300 BGN1500 BGN40 Min
Hips300 BGN1500 BGN40 Min
Face200 BGN1000 BGN70 Min
Eye area100 BGN500 BGN25 Min
Front of neck160 BGN800 BGN50 Min
Chin120 BGN600 BGN25 Min
Abdomen and love handles400 BGN2000 BGN80 Min
Buttocks and hips400 BGN2000 BGN110 Min
Back thights and buttocks450 BGN2250 BGN140 Min
Face and Front of neck250 BGN1250 BGN110 Min
Front of neck and Chin150 BGN750 BGN70 Min

Our Costumers

Here's what customers who have already tried NuEra say

Mariya Kamenova

Diyana Aesthetic House has become my beauty house. When I go there I have the feeling that the fairies of beauty themselves take care of me. I always leave with a smile and very natural results. I highly recommend the NuEra Tight body tightening procedure. It's just great!

Joana Dimitrova

If I have to honest I was skeptical about the procedures with the NuEra Tight device. But I trusted my therapist. And she was right. Even after the first procedure I saw a difference. The cellulite was visibly smoothed out. It took me 4 procedures to achieve the desired result, but it worth it. I am very pleased! I recommend the procedure to all ladies who are worried about their cellulite.

Krasimira Dimitrova

I am very impressed with the NuEra Tight facial procedure. Smooths the contour of the face after the first procedure, and wrinkles become visibly less.

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