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Nourished skin with HydraFacial

Preferred by many Hollywood stars HydraFacial is a new generation treatment for clean, healthy, and hydrated skin. The most valuable feature of this treatment is that it does not cause discomfort or redness as standard facial cleaning does. HydraFacial is suitable for sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne.

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NuEra Tight

Body tightening with NuEra Tight-23

NuEra Tight is a personalized body sculpting treatment of the latest generation. It achieves amazing results. Your body is unique and it needs individual care. NuEra Tight is designed to sculpt your body with the precision and craftsmanship of great sculptures without any risk to your health.

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Skin rejuvenation with Morpheus8

The radiofrequency facelifting with Morheus8 is a minimum invasive treatment designed to rejuvenate your face and improve your self-confidence. This technology supports the skin’s natural ability to produce new elastin and collagen. The treatment delivers excellent results that become more evident over time.

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Why should I choose you?

Face treatment

We offer highly effective and non-invasive face treatment that is safe and has a long-lasting effect.

Body treatment

We offer last-generation non-invasive body treatments. They are certified and recognized worldwide.

Experienced professionals

Our certified professionals practice the acquired experience and knowledge by following the rules and ethical norms in the aesthetic field.

Top products

The products we work with and offer are boosted with natural ingredients to give your skin what it needs.

About us

Diyana Aesthetic House is the name of the newest beauty center located in the heart of Sofia. It is inspired by the owner of the center – Diyana Kazakova.

“Standing behind my name, as the owner of the center, I want to give a firm assurance that this center will always be associated with the highest quality services. Our clients will remember each visit not only as just a treatment, but also as a holistic experience”, says Diyana. The word “House” in the name of the center is taken from English and it is meant to mean “Home”, because Diyana wants her clients to feel as cozy and comfortable as they are at home.

Diyana Kazakova

Manager and owner

Dr. Maria-Magdalena Kirilova


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