About us

Welcome to Diyana Aesthetic House!

Diyana Aesthetic House is the name of the newest beauty center located in the heart of Sofia. It is inspired by the owner of the center – Diyana Kazakova.

“Standing behind my name, as the owner of the center, I want to give a firm assurance that this center will always be associated with the highest quality services. Our clients will remember each visit not only as just a treatment, but also as a holistic experience”, says Diyana. The word “House” in the name of the center is taken from English and it is meant to mean “Home”, because Diyana wants her clients to feel as cozy and comfortable as they are at home.

For her, the beauty center is a dream come true. “I have always wanted to help people, to make them happy and satisfied”, she says. And customers are happy when they receive special treatment and are well informed about the procedures that are offered to them. Special, individual care for each client, well-presented information and high-quality services are among the priorities of Diyana Aesthetic House.

Come to visit us and we will prepare for you an individual plan that will help you completely enhance your appearance from head to toe.

The services we offer

The beauty center offers the highest-class device treatments for the face and body. They include laser hair removal, HydraFacial, treatments for removing spots and wrinkles on the face as well as body contouring treatments. Diyana Aesthetic House is one of the first beauty centers in Bulgaria, which offer the latest treatment for body sculpting and cellulite reduction - NuEra Tight.

Our team

Dr. Maria-Magdalena Kirilova


During my studies I have participated in a number of medical congresses and symposiums, including dermatological ones. In 2019, I volunteered in a clinic for skin and venereal diseases at Alexandrovska University Hospital, Sofia. I have worked in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. My interests are focused on clinical and aesthetic dermatology, including various laser, injectable and rejuvenating procedures.

Diyana Kazakova

Manager and owner

I created Diyana Aesthetic House to make people happy. Standing with my name, as the owner of the salon, I want to give a definite guarantee that it will be associated with the highest quality services. Our clients will remember each visit not only as a specific procedure, but also as a complete experience.

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