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The Needs of Women’s Physical and Emotional Bodies

“The lack of goals affects us mentally, prevents us from having a reason to be and makes us ask ourselves what we are doing on this planet.” Lise Bourbeau

Without a doubt, what every woman wants is to be beautiful, to have a healthy and tight body and to be attractive. This natural desire for beauty and charming appearance in women is largely related to the emotional health of every woman.

In women, the needs of the emotional body are of existential importance and if we do not pay them the attention that they deserve, we could damage our physical and even our mental body.

You will be surprised to learn that beauty is the basic need of the emotional body and it is much more important than people think. Beauty has an invigorating effect and helps us feel good. We, the humans, were created to seek beauty and to see it with our eyes and our hearts. When we feel good, we are beautiful inside and emotionally full. This has a positive effect on our physical appearance. The opposite is also true.

Often, when we look in the mirror, we do not like what we see. The face or the body of the woman in the mirror is not what we would be happy to have and see in the reflection.

We want to be taller, thinner, and more beautiful and, in order to achieve this, we wear high heels, put ourselves on diets, undergo procedures and never stop looking for perfection.

Let’s talk about the physical body and the women’s desire to maintain a slim figure. Usually whether it is one, two, three or more kilos above the medical norm or above our own norm, getting rid of extra weight is the number one goal. This makes us to resort to strict diets, inhuman deprivation and great suffering.

In most cases, the extra kilos also come with cellulite.

What is cellulite and how to get rid of it?

Cellulite is an accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin, which gives it an unpleasant and uneven appearance. It most often occurs in the legs, abdomen and buttocks, affecting between 85-98% of the women. Its occurrence is associated with a number of factors – from hormonal disorders to hereditary predisposition. The good news is that cellulite is treatable. We can get rid of it by taking regular care of our body. Here are some tips:

One of the most effective methods for dealing with cellulite is the radio frequency treatment, which is suitable for all skin types. Studies show that it can be used to reduce cellulite significantly. However, to this end, a number of treatments are needed. The radio frequency therapy is a non-invasive treatment in which radio frequency waves penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and destroy connective tissue, thus helping to reduce the cellulite. In most cases, treatments performed using medical devices are many times more effective than anti-cellulite massages, exercises or tightening creams. They are at the forefront of the body sculpting programs. All this sounds very good, but remember that the most important thing here is the quality and the origin of the device. It is always a good idea to find out in advance if the technology is safe for your health.

That is why, we, at Diyana Aesthetic House, were very careful in choosing the right cellulite treatment device. We chose the safest and most reliable platform on the market – NuEra Tight. This is a product made by the global leader in the production of devices based on laser technologies. The results provided by it are reliable and long-lasting, based on hundreds of clinical trials.

Here are some additional recommendations how to enhance and accelerate the effect achieved after the treatment with this device:

  • Increase your physical activity. This will improve blood circulation to the cells and will strengthen the muscles under the cellulite areas.
  • Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and fiber. They help you eliminate the toxins from your body.       
  • Drink more water.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Make yourself a body scrub with coffee.

The treatments with the device NuEra Tight, in combination with the additional recommendations, will lead to safe, reliable and long-lasting results in the fight against cellulite. This will contribute to the physical health of your body and will improve your self-confidence. In addition to being safe, the anti-cellulite treatments are also very pleasant. There is no discomfort or pain during the treatment.

To meet the needs of your physical and your emotional body, take advantage of the body sculpting treatments that Diyana Aesthetic House offers. Our highly qualified practitioners will consult you and will prescribe you the required number of treatments based on the condition of your body.

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